The Importance of a Wellness Program

Cost Reduction Strategy

Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are responsible for most chronic diseases, which in turn cause approximately 75% of all health care costs.

The average cost of health care in the US is about $11,000 per person and that figure is projected to climb to $18,000 by 2028. Workplace wellness programs can reduce high health care costs by helping employees stay healthy and out of the health care system.

The Physical Benefits of Yoga

Less than 23% of Americans hit the federal physical activity recommended guideline. Practicing yoga regularly can prevent the onset of obesity, diabetes, high blood and other chronic conditions.

The benefits of yoga are supported by a growing body of scientific research. Multiple studies show that practicing yoga regularly can lower levels of stress and anxiety while increasing productivity, efficiency, and employee retention.

Practicing yoga also helps reduce chronic pain and improve heart health as well as sleep quality. Additionally, it enhances functions like balance, flexibility, and breathing.


150 minutes of physical activity per week can prevent or delay the onset of chronic disease.


In just three months, yoga can lower systolic blood pressure by 26 points.


1 in every 3 americans suffer from high blood pressure.


Improve posture and balance to relieve joint pain and stiffness.

Mental Benefits

Recent studies have allowed us to gain a deeper insight into the way Yoga contributes to the improvement of our overall well-being.

Yoga reduces the levels of cortisol, a hormone that plays a key role in the body’s stress response.


Practicing Yoga regularly (once or twice a week) for eight to 10 weeks can noticeably alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.


Research shows that Yoga can improve cognitive function, concentration, and mental ability.


150 minutes of exercise can improve a person’s sleep quality by 65%.

True success is an inner journey

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Enhanced Quality of Life

Smaller numbers of people reported other benefits: