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Yin Yoga - Mental

Yin yoga works deeply into our bodies with passive longer holds of postures. In Yin Yoga we allow our bodies to slowly open up rather than push into the posture. Targeting the deepest tissue of our bodies -the connective tissue, we focus on ligaments, joints, bones and fascia rather than the muscles. This results in relaxation of fascia, improves joint mobility and increases flexibility. Energetically, Yin yoga promotes the flow of Qi (life force), calms and balances the mind and encourage deeper relaxation. Get ready to tune into your mind and connect to the physical sensations of your body.

Strength Builder - Physical

Prepare for a all-levels personalized yoga experience that will motivate you through an uplifting journey with vibrant beats. Strengthen and tone your body as we build heat through high energy repetitions. Radiate throughout the day feeling relaxed, energized and accomplished. Let’s ignite the Champion within.

Power Flow – Physical and Mental

This all-levels class will strengthen your joints and lengthen your muscles. Learn to align your breath with your movement by increasing circulation giving your body energy. Wake-up feeling stress-free and balanced ready to continue on the right path. Build flexibility and fluidity into your practice as you master the waves of your breath through a dynamic Vinyasa flow.

Power Flow – Demo Class

True success is an inner journey

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